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Anna's Harry Potter Trading Cards - Part III

Harry Potter Premiere Poster Card Set

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Note: These coin cards are oversized -  3 1/2 in. wide by 5 in. high

Silver Coin Set of 8
Coins CC1 - CC4 are from the Redemption Card
Coins CC5 & CC6 are the 2-Case Incentives
Coins CC7 & CC8 are the 5-Case Incentives

Bronze Coin Set of 8
(Case Incentive)

Gold Coin Set of 8
(SDCC '07 Exclusive)

CC1 - Coin Card - Harry (SS)

CC2 - Coin Card - Hermione (SS)

CC3 - Coin Card - Cornish Pixie (COS)

CC4 - Coin Card - Harry (COS)

CC5 - Coin Card - Harry Patronus (POA)

CC6 - Coin Card - Shrieking Shack (POA)

CC7 - Coin Card - Viktor Krum (GOF)

CC8 - Coin Card - Fleur Delacour (GOF)

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